A Word from Satisfied Buyers and Sellers

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"I reached out to Stan to assist in finding a home for my mom and I, asking him to show up with either a white horse or his favorite superpower. Our house hunt was a tricky situation with a multitude of very specific factors - and I was extremely overwhelmed. Mom is in a wheelchair so the home needed to have floor plan plus features to accommodate those needs. We also had a sense of urgency with time - wanting to shift into this new living situation as quickly as possible. Immediately following his return from a trip out of the country, Stan wasted no time before diving into our search. He even assisted us by renting a ramp and helping Mom transport in and out of the potential property. Once we found the "hot property" we liked, Stan went above and beyond in navigating a win-win deal (for us AND the seller) and thoughtfully communicating with both my mom and I when were confused or fearful. He and his team responded quickly and thoroughly to every question and held our hands through every step of the process, start to finish. I thought I was joking when I asked him to be our hero, but it turns out he really does have some very real superpowers of the real estate agent kind! Thank you, Stan!" Robin and Carol O'Neal (Oct.2022)

"House sold 6 hours and over listing Stan gave good advice pre-sale to get to market his assistant Tracey handled phone calls over weekend on timely basis Stan did homework on comps and good pricing Tracey walked appraiser thru house closing was smooth Stan gave good advice was timely and would highly recommend" Rob Burke (Oct.2022)

"Stan did a wonderful job on coaching us through the process. Everything from deciding which projects to complete prior to listing, staging the house and coming up with the right list price. He was able to help us stay levelheaded during stressful times within the house selling/purchasing process. Stan's professionalism and personable demeanor during the Open House helped sell our house at the speed and price we had hoped for. Thanks for the great job!"  Rob Eggert

"Stan went above and beyond in the services that he provided. He helped with hiring contractors to do work that needed to be done prior to listing and closing, and oversaw their work. He also met the movers to let them in the house so they could pack up the furniture and boxes. Both of these things were extremely helpful because I had to move prior to the house being listed for sale. I moved from West Chester, Ohio to the state of Missouri, so Stan’s efforts saved me from having to travel back and forth between the two states. He also arranged for me to sign all closing documents at my new home in Missouri. Also, whenever I had a question, Stan responded immediately, which was reassuring. Stan helped me to purchase my West Chester home 17 years ago, and did a great job at that time, which is why I engaged his services for this sale. If you’re looking for a realtor, I highly recommend Stan."  Dan Unger and Barbie

 “Having moved a great number of times over the past decade, I’ve dealt with a number of REALTORS®. Never have I been more pleased with the service I have gotten than I did with Stan. He made the entire process a lot easier on my wife and me. He acted as power of attorney for us at closing and he took care of the inspections in our absence. We were busy having our first child, and as you can imagine, things were hectic. Stan managed our affairs expertly, right down to having the carpets cleaned. He transferred the utilities and provided us with a number of very useful local contacts, which have all been great! He went far beyond the call of duty and we would recommend him to anyone.” Mark & Keo Jones

“He shows outstanding dedication in working to help buyers and sellers find win/win relationships. Stan is not only a great real estate agent, but a great person. He is friendly, honest and dedicated. Stan has helped our family buy and sell 3 homes over the last 10 years. Each experience has been more profitable and enjoyable than the last. Stan is a true treasure to our community.” Mark & Robin Matson

“Stan was a great help selling our home!He definitely got us top dollar for our home. (Almost $10,000 more than another company thought we could get for our home)& he saw the process through completely. He also helped us get the home we wanted by securing the deal quickly.” Tom & Pam Friedhuff

“Overall excellence in every expectation!”
Brian Simpson & Jennifer Tschirhart

“Stan made buying our first home easy. He answered our questions, made everything convenient for us. I will recommend him to anyone buying a house in the future.” Doug Stuart & Michelle Oliver

“Stan’s expert experience and superior knowledge of the market enabled us to achieve top dollar for our home. He gave us very good advice and we trusted him completely. Stan’s kind, hardworking attitude prompted us to seek out his help for the second time, and if we’re crazy enough to do this a third time, we will not hesitate in calling Stan. We feel that with Stan being our agent, he won’t let anything go wrong.” Greg & Cathy Sander

“Mr. Parkinson helped us buy a home in January 1997 and sold our home in June 1998. In both instances, he was very professional and in touch with what we wanted. Stan never pushed us into anything and kept in touch with us through the time of selling the home to after we moved.” Jim & Judy Pleau

“Stan had to put up with all my questions for about 11 ½ years. That in itself should earn him something. Stan does a great job working with other real estate people in other companies. But most of all was his finding me another place under some special circumstances.” Preston Taylor

“Coordinated information and data which resulted in quick sale of home at a fair sales price to both owner and buyer.”
David Squibb

“We have been very pleased with the service Stan Parkinson has given us in selling our last two houses as well as finding our new homes. Stan introduced us to the Guaranteed Sale Program which enabled us to buy our current home. He aggressively marketed our home selling it before the Guaranteed Sale Program went into effect. We appreciate his fair and honest approach and ability to quickly follow through on leads and contract negotiations.” Jim & Michelle Zins

This is a recommendation for Stan Parkinson. He is one of the most thorough and skilled Real Estate agents I have ever had the pleasure to work with. As a mortgage loan officer, I see many different real estate transactions. Stan has consistently been one of the most knowledgeable realtors regarding financing for his customers. I also used Stan to help me on the purchase of my home. He showed great patience and kept things under control throughout the entire process. It is re-assuring to deal with a professional like Stan, both on an everyday basis and when it really counts on my personal real estate transactions. Mark Shooner/American Mortgage

“Stan truly promotes honesty, hard work and integrity. He is constantly looking out for the customer’s best interest. He offers helpful advice and then lets the customer make the final decision. Your company is premium and will continue to be the best with outstanding agents like Stan Parkinson.” John & Diane Camardo

“From initial consultation through post-closing recommendations, Stan Parkinson delivered outstanding service in helping Amy and I selecting our first home. Stan began our housing search with a detailed analysis of our needs and affordability considerations before visiting potential homes. This step was key since our initial expectations were rather unrealistic. He made certain that any potential houses we toured met our needs and price ranges, so our time was not wasted. Once we selected a home, all the details were prepared and negotiations went smoothly. Additionally, Stan literally went the extra mile when it came to our financing. At the time, we were qualified for Ohio Housing Authority bond financing, but we were late in filing and most funds had already been claimed. However, Stan was able to locate bond money and personally drove us to the institution to file the necessary forms. Even after closing on our home, the exemplary service continues. Recently we decided to refinance and Stan was able to recommend a mortgage broker with below average interest rates and low costs. In summary, Stan’s outstanding service made choosing our home enjoyable and trouble-free.” Kirk & Amy Mentzer

“We feel very confident recommending that you choose Stan Parkinson as your real estate agent. He did an excellent job helping us to buy a house. Stan is extremely knowledgeable and provides excellent services from the beginning of the house buying process to the end of the process.” Chris & Michael Wright

“Excellent follow up on details, not overly aggressive, made arrangements 2x to see the house after the offer was accepted, but especially paid attention to detail.” Patricia Green “Stan always made himself available for questions or concerns I had – he never hesitated to have me call him at home at odd hours. I was a first time homebuyer and he was giving me advice along the way to make things easier. The best thing about Stan was that he was always on top of things and always kept you informed about changes.” Lisa Muzyczka

“Stan helped with the sale of our home, he kept the lines of communication open at all times. He was very informative as far as tips that helped sell the house, such as, moving furniture in various rooms.”
Fred & Jill Gump

“Stan Parkinson deserves recognition for excellence because he is very professional from his presentations to his follow-ups and right through the closing.We knew if anyone could sell this piece of property, it would be Stan & we are very happy with the end results.Stan is not only a personal friend but a great asset to his real estate company. Thank You.Once again Stan made the process of finding and buying our new home virtually hassle and stress free.He is a great agent to work with because he makes things comfortable for you. You can reach him any time and feel comfortable calling at home day or night.Anytime I hear of someone needing an agent, I quickly recommend Stan because he will get the job done with great results.”“This is our 3rd or 4th real estate transaction with Stan and once again he has done an excellent job from start to finish.Everything went smoothly and all parties involved came out very successful and pleased.Thanks again Stan and good luck with all your future business!” John & Karen Karle

“My husband was transferred out of state to Boston, we had bought our home from Stan and now it was time to sell. We listed our house before Christmas, the worse time. Stan worked with us throughout the Holidays, cold, and snow. My husband and I both had to leave for Boston before the house sold, leaving everything in Stan’s hands. We were never worried. Stan called every 2 – 3 days with updates, good offers and bad offers. The house sold. Stan took care of everything even the closing. If we ever get back to Ohio. We will call Stan first. He also helped my sister with her first home.” M/M Gregory Scroggins

“Stan worked very hard advertising and servicing the sale of our home. We built a new home and Stan was our support throughout the whole process, attended every meeting and came to the site often. If it weren’t for his support, knowledge and true concern, we would not have been able to build our home as smoothly as we did. He was great!” M/M John Cline

“Stan did a wonderful job helping us with the purchase of our first home. It was a stressful time and his help and advice helped ease our minds. We are now in our new home and are very happy. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home.” Ami Murray

“Stan met with me on several occasions before I found the home I liked. As a new buyer, I had many questions. Stan answered all my questions very clearly and explained every step to buying a new home. When we met with the seller, Stan had questions for him that I had not thought of asking. This reassured me and gave me confidence in Stan. Stan provided outstanding service, instruction and attention. I will sum it up in one word Stan’s performance from beginning to end “Excellent.” Daren Theile

“Stan was consistently very knowledgeable and professional. He worked with me for over eight months and helped me to not only sell my house, but to find a very satisfactory new place where I’m living. The process of selling a house is very trying and Stan’s good suggestions and reassurance helped me get through it.” Ann Blankenhorn

“Although this was our first home buying experience, Stan made every aspect of the whole process seem easy. He was very thorough in explaining everything and went out of his way to meet with us on our time. We would definitely recommend Stan to our friends.” Chris & Stacy Williams

“Stan Parkinson represented our interests as if they were his own. We were totally comfortable with his representation and Stan was very helpful during a stressful time. He was always available to answer any questions and deal with any problems. I would recommend Stan to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.” Dan & Jennifer Gaynor

“We feel that he helped us get the best deal possible. Some of his incredible efforts include: Showing my wife 25 houses in three days, showing my wife and I 11 houses in 1 day, aggressively negotiating our maintenance and structural repair costs, provided a sense of urgency in submitting a bid.” Bill & Ann Lorenz

“Stan deserves the award because he was honest and up front with all the dealings of selling our house, was in contact with us each week, took extra steps to contact us when we were out of town, let us make all major decisions on final selling of our house.” Robert & Neva Tash

“Stan made everything easy! He understood what I was looking for and helped tremendously coordinating efforts for estimates and inspections. I could not have done this move from Michigan without Stan’s help. I think he’s wonderful!”
Tricia Dickins

“Stan provided excellent service in our search for a new home. Coming from another state, we were not sure what we were looking for in a home – Stan showed us only homes that fit our changing parameters. He never tried to push us toward a particular house or neighborhood. With his guidance, we selected our “A” choice and “B: choice home. From that point forward Stan negotiated a fair price for us and expertly took care of all of the closing details.” M/M James Pleau

“My wife and I are purchasing our first home. Although I know this situation is commonplace for Stan, he made us feel comfortable with something that to us is the most important moment in our lives. Stan made us feel that no question was ridiculous, no request unreasonable. We feel that Stan’s total professionalism makes him the best agent we could have had.” Nicholas & Lori Terry

“The move process was a smooth one. Stan helped with all questions and was overly helpful to make it all smooth.” Erik Karlstrom

“Unfortunately, during the selling process, Stan had to come to us with the news that the buyers were backing out of the deal for no apparent reason. He brought us this piece of unwelcome news with such care and compassion. It was obviously difficult for us, not to mention Stan. He continued to remain positive about our situation and worked very diligently to find a buyer for our home. Most often, transactions are much smoother than our experience, but the true test of a professional is how he/she handles the ones that aren’t. Stan demonstrated his ability and desire to work through adversity and accomplished this while maintaining the true class and character of a ‘professional’. We had a positive outcome thanks to Stan’s efforts.” David & Karen Brady

“Another outstanding job on a deal that took 4 months to finally close. Stan was there every step of the way, going above and beyond the call of duty. I feel very fortunate to have found Stan.” Tricia Dickins

“Stan was great. He was even willing to crawl up in the roof to fix something pointed out by the inspector. He handled the details of this sale with ease and kept me informed. When gone on vacation, he had someone there to take over. We’ll use Stan again.” Mike & Linda Lippman

“Stan did a wonderful job of planning for our 2 short visits to the Cinci area. We had to find a home and Stan used our valuable time very wisely. He coordinated efforts with a mortgage, 3 small children and working long distance out of state. Our closing went like clockwork and no questions were left unanswered. Thanks, Stan!” Leonard & Carolyn Carroll

“Between buying my condo and actually closing on it, I experienced several months of delays and ‘run around’ from the builder. Stan stayed in constant contact with me to keep me abreast of any changes and eased the worries of buying my first home.” Brian Kraft

“We purchased a duplex thru Stan and he went way beyond any duties as an agent to help us. He gave us sample leases and rental applications for a guideline. He also sat 2 hours during a rental open house with us prior to the time we had possession of the property.” Jason & Vickie Aspinwall

“Stan deserves recognition for excellence as a result of always being on the job to help us buy a home. He was always helpful in adjusting his information to show us properties that were what we realistically might be interested in. He did a great job listening and adjusting to what our changing needs were.” W.E. & Lois Clayton

“As a family moving from one state to another, our anxiety was high. Stan came to us with the knowledge of advertising and tips to help us sell our home. We wanted to sell our home before looking for a new home, so we didn’t have a lot of time. Our house sold in 12 days! Stan was available to us night and day. I have never seen anyone so dedicated to their career. We only wish we could have used Stan to help us find and purchase a new home in Georgia. Thank you Stan for all your help.” Jeff & Lisa Blanton

“Stan understands his customer’s needs and tastes. We bought the first home Stan showed us! Stan sold the home where we were living in 6 days-an outstanding performance! He answered our questions and guided us through the purchasing and selling process. When it comes to real estate, Stan’s the Man!” Dennis & Sandra Sweeney

“Personal care and interest. Treats you like family. Your best interest at heart. I would never choose another agent.”
Julie Stone

“Stan deserves recognition for his excellent service. He took care of us in every way imaginable. He scheduled last minute viewings of houses when we requested and he also went over all the required paperwork. We felt like Stan really cared about our wants and needs. We’d recommend him to anyone!” Pat & Krysta Weizman

“Stan did an outstanding job for us. He took care of everything. He went above and beyond in our opinion. Stan made us feel comfortable and confident with our situation. His follow-up skills are outstanding. I would refer Stan to anyone needing to sell or purchase a home. He did such a good job making us feel good 7 years ago when he assisted in buying our home that we definitely wanted to use him again.” James & Olivia Robinson “Stan Parkinson was a real pleasure to work with during my house hunting phase. He was very efficient and very polite to deal with. He was always very prompt in returning calls and was always available to talk to about property or if I just had questions in general. That was a definite PLUS! I would highly recommend Stan to all my friends for their real estate needs. He’s the best Realtor I’ve ever worked with.” Mary Noonan

“Stan was always courteous, on time, and kept me informed of events as they happened. He also explained everything in detail which gave me confidence not only in him, but in HUFF Realty. He was an excellent, professional sales person and I would recommend him to anyone.” Paulini Lupariello

“Stan sold our first home for us in 1988. Because of his friendliness and his willingness to help us get the fairest price on our home, we were glad to work with him again this year. He makes you feel very comfortable and we wouldn’t hesitate to call on him again, or to recommend him to others. He not only worked with us in the past, he has also helped our daughter recently!” L.C. & Sharon Nolan Jr.

“As a first time home buyer, I had numerous questions and concerns. Stan went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable and understood all of the procedures and steps associated with purchasing a home. Not sure what I wanted, I looked and looked in different areas, size homes, and Stan continually provided me with homes that I was interested in, always in a timely fashion! Thanks, Stan.” Hal Howell

“Stan deserves recognition for his overall dedication and consistency in following up on any issue that came up during the smooth sale of our home and the purchase of our Huff home. He has a great work ethic and was always pleasant to speak with. Thanks!” Brian & Paula Huckstep

“I can’t say enough good things about Stan! He was professional, returned phone calls, handled matters in a timely fashion and always came prepared. The most important thing for us is that he helped to guide us through the buying and selling of our houses. His advice for us always hit the mark and it was important to us to have someone who understood the market. Thanks for all the help. We couldn’t be happier!” Thomas & Sandra Sackett

“Stan Parkinson has been my agent four times over, with 3 sales within a week and the fourth within a day after only one open house. Stan is an initiator with giant integrity. He follows through on the details; he is always a phone call away at the most and has a unique air of approachability. Stan rules!” Laura Muller

“Stan is the greatest! We bought our house in Ohio through him, and we sold that house through him. Stan is always there when you need him. Stan is a professional who makes you feel relaxed throughout the entire buying and selling process. He is the greatest!” Mike & Mary McInally

“Stan and associate, Arleen, sold my house in 10 days and closed in approximately 30 days. This was an outstanding effort and is all anyone could ask for.”
Donald Mangus

“Stan Parkinson achieved what few Realtors are able to do, become a very good friend! Stan performed all our realty needs when we had to return to Shanghai, China to complete relocation to the Cincinnati area. Good grief, we gave Stan Power of Attorney to sign our lives away in purchasing this home! Upon our return, we were invited to share an evening without stress while having fun, meet several new families, made to feel more than welcomed into the neighborhood by feeling like we belonged. It is the personal and intimate touches which set Stan Parkinson above the rest of his peers and professionals. Stan went beyond the call of duty for HUFF Realty. Stan is of great credit and excellence to himself, to all real estate professionals, and to HUFF Realty.” Leong H. Wong & Terri McGill-Wong

Some people come into your life and quickly leave. Others leave footprints on your life and you are never the same. “That quote solidifies the impact that Stan Parkinson has had on my family’s life. For any family, buying a new home is a monumental occasion. For my family, we were relocating across the country from Los Angeles, CA. It all started on a beautiful fall day in September. I was 7 months pregnant and Stan took me, my husband, my 2-year-old daughter, and my mother-in-law to look for our new home. He even had to borrow a larger SUV so that everyone would fit and be safe. He spent the whole weekend helping us understand the Cincinnati market, making us feel at home, and catered to our every need. It would seem to be an easy task finding a home. However, by February we were still homeless. Stan took my husband house hunting weekly, updated us to new listings almost daily, and probably hourly answered all the concerns that I had for my family moving to Cincinnati. In essence, he made a seemingly unbearable situation enjoyable. We finally decided that we would settle on a house. However, due to the inspection and unforeseen circumstances, we did not purchase the home and were homeless again. We now had one week to buy a home. By some sort of miracle, we were able to find and buy a dream home and are extremely happy. So, why should Stan Parkinson be recognized for excellence? Because he is the epitome of the word. He is understanding, a wonderful businessman, a great negotiator, but most importantly, a wonderful human being. He made a situation that seemed so frightening and turned it into a wonderful experience. That situation not only occurred because of tenacity, business acumen, and hard work, but because he truly cares about the welfare of his clients. That is not a virtue that can be taught; it is one that is innate. Stan Parkinson not only signifies excellence, he defines it. Stan Parkinson has made my family’s move to Cincinnati as easy as possible. We now feel like we are not entering a strange city, because we already know that we have a friend here. I wish everyone were so lucky as to have someone like Stan help make such an important life occasion so enjoyable.” The Preuss Family

“Stan was not only a great help to us in finding and purchasing our new home, but he was able to provide us with numerous other contacts that made the process that much easier. Because of Stan’s experience and contact, we were able to avoid paying PMI and saved at least $400 on our yearly insurance. I will have no problems recommending Stan to anyone in need of a Realtor.” Matthew & Jaclyn Smith

“Stan was very professional, always kept us informed and handled all the “details”. Our house was sold in 13 days!! From 91-92 our house was on the market for over 18 months and never sold. I would use Stan for my next transaction without reservation.” Bruce & Kathleen Coslet

“I would highly recommend Stan to all my friends. He’s the best Realtor we have used and this is our sixth home we have sold. Stan was consistently very knowledgeable and professional. He is a wonderful businessman, but very important, a great human being, and now I have a good friend. He truly cares about his clients. To us he is excellent in his profession.” Issac & Ann Johnson

“Mr. Parkinson exhibits excellence in many areas, most especially service. He was available any time we needed him for anything. He is extremely well informed about all facets of real estate purchases. He went above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions and marketed our house so thoroughly that we sold in only 9 days. Thank you!” Todd & Tammy Sams

“Stan is outstanding, and his team has always helped us.”
Kissel Family

“Owen and I would like to say that having Stan as our agent was a rewarding experience. During the process we acquired a wonderful friend. He sold our home in 14 days, and got more out of it than we ever expected. He always kept us updated throughout the process. His commitment to us was beyond excellence. Owen & I would recommend him to all our friends in Cincinnati.” Owen & Jill Lyle

“Stan did a great job helping us find our house. He willingly gave up two weekends to look at what seemed like 100’s of homes. I would recommend Stan to other people who are looking to buy or sell a home.” Dan & Jenny Gaynor

“When we went to sell our house, we were concerned about how long it would take to sell. But Stan did a great job. He knew of some people looking in our area. To make a long story short, we were able to sell our house in 2 days. It worked out great because we were moving out of state. It saved us a lot of stress to sell our home that quickly.” Michael & Robin Schutz

“Stan personally helped us with a lender, took care of inspections, ‘termite’, and appraisal. He kept us on top of everything concerning the house we bought and the condo we sold. He’s very nice and polite. His knowledge on loans was very impressing. He’s an all around professional.” Gary & Jill Lazarus

“He took time away from his family to take us around to look for a home. We were transferred here from Louisville and were under the gun to find a house quickly. Stan stayed in contact with me in Louisville and my husband who was staying at a hotel in Springdale. We found a brand new house, and in spite of expiring contracts and delayed closing from our buyer in Louisville, Stan helped us hold on to this new one without having to renew the contract or put anymore earnest money down.” Larry & Frances Cosby

“Stan was always available and eager to help. He went over and above whatever I expected.” 
Randy Ulrick & Jeffrey Tucker

“As usual, Stan worked very hard at getting our house sold. He’s very easy to work with and is good at explaining the in’s and out’s of real estate. We had a very difficult transition with this move and Stan was a bright spot. Additionally, Nicole the relocation specialist did an excellent job!” David & Rebecca Lippman

“Stan answered all our questions and explained things to us. He helped us get a structural engineer when we needed one. He came to my work instead of me having to leave to sign papers, etc. He came to the new house on a Saturday just so I could show it to our kids.” Mr. & Mrs. Greg Caldwell

"Of the three Real Estate Agents I have had over the last 30 years, Stan Parkinson was outstanding in all ways. He was professional in all his contact with me; he promptly kept me informed on every step, and within 27 hours after posting my house on the MLS, a potential buyer was preparing a proposal to purchase at the posted price. He described my house accurately and priced it right. I have recommended his services to two friends if and when they are ready to sell." Evelyn Lutz

"Stan and his team did a wonderful job. Our home was sold in 5 weeks. He is a true professional. Would recommend him to my friends." Roger and Tarri DeHave

“Stan was very professional in all aspects of selling our home. The closing went very smoothly. We will highly recommend him to others. Thank you for a job well done." 
John Popolin

“In one month, Stan was able to help me locate a great property, obtain funding and closed smoothly. My experience with Huff Realty was outstanding as a result and I will not only recommend Huff and Stan to others but will also certainly consider using both again!” Christopher Nichter

“Stan always kept me informed of every step that was being done with our loan. If papers needed to be signed, he didn’t hesitate to swing by our home and make sure it was taken care of. Always, Always very nice and polite…” Terry Morris

“Got sticker price and sold our home in a week. Great joy.” 
Michael and Susan Citron

“Once again Stan was just the best. He did everything he could to help us sell our home. Offering to work with a buyer on behalf of their agent who was on vacation just to move things along. Stan has been working hard for us since we moved here in 2000 and has never let us down.” Don and Evelyn Trimble

“Stan has been an excellent realtor to work with. The home-buying process can be very stressful, but Stan made it as easy on us as possible. We knew we were in good hands. From the purchase of our condo 3 years ago to the recent purchase of our first home. Stan has been there every step of the way. He was so easy to work with and we trusted him with everything 100%. We had a wonderful experience working with Stan and will definitely continue to recommend him to our family and friends.” Aaron and Lauren Downs

“Stan was extremely helpful, courteous and patient throughout my entire process of selling my townhouse. He kept me informed step by step and that is very much appreciated!!! I will definitely be contacting Stan for any future real estate needs.” Danielle Bales

 “Stan was very professional and helpful throughout the process of selling a house my brothers and I inherited.  This was my first time working with a realtor and Stan made the experience as smooth as possible.”  Christina Glassmeyer, Chateau

“Always there when needed, answered any questions was never in a rush to leave. Just great people to work with. Would recommend them to anyone”
Joann and Michael Glass

“Stan deserves recognition for diligence, patience, and problem-solving.  Each time the deal was in danger of falling through, Stan found a way to hold everything together.  He found solutions to road blocks thrown our way from the buyer, getting specialty contractors to work on short notice (even a roofer to work in February).   Stan helped us remain calm as the buyer changed closing date 3 times.  Twice, we were ready to walk away from the deal out of frustration, but Stan helped us keep an objective focus.  We cannot thank Stan enough for his hard work and perseverance." Tom and Amy Bruewer

“Stan and Tracey were incredible.  They made the home buying and home selling process painless.  We appreciate them both so much for their efforts in finding our dream home and selling our old home.  We will be recommending them both to everyone going forward.  THANK YOU!!” Jake and Kristen Plogman

“Stan has assisted our family selling multiple family homes.  Stan has helped us understand the process and was always willing to answer any questions we had.”  Christina Glassmeyer, Haverland

“Stan and Tracey went beyond expectations supporting us for the purchase of this house.  They have been very supporting, working with the bank to solve issues and move forward.  Also, they have been very patient with the process of finding the right house and accommodated my schedule."  
Mike Hirsh and Nathalie Noblet

“Stan made the ownership of our new home possible!  Without him we would not be in the house we are in today, and it is a very special house to us as it was once owned by my wife’s grandparents.  Stan was able to provide us with his services at a moments notice.  I believe I contacted him at 1 p.m., got in for a viewing, and had an offer written by 6 p.m.  He also reached out to the selling agent and really talked us up as the ideal candidate, as there were 8 offers in 24 hours!  We were selected and Stan even helped facilitate as early closing!  We are so very thankful for Stan’s service and friendship!”
Kevin Boeckman and Nicole Wagner

"We could not have done with without Stan!!!”

“Stan has diligently worked over the past year assisting in finding a home with acreage in SW Ohio.  My father had a home for sale in NC and we were casually looking while his home was on the market.  Four weeks ago my dad called me we had a buyer in NC and would be closing on June 4, 2020.  I called Stan a was a bit frantic as we now had to step up our search in SW OH.  Within One Day Stan found the perfect home.  We actually ended up in a bidding war and with Stan’s professional advice our offer was accepted!  We closed on June 10th. WHAT TIMING!!!  We could not have done with without Stan!!!” Curtis Brookbank

“Stan is the most professional real estate agent we have ever used.  We started our journey over the telephone and on-line as we lived in Ireland when we started our search.  Stan was our eyes on the ground and more importantly took time to understand our needs and taste and gave a honest and direct feedback.  The search took four months—and not once did Stan ever slow down in his commitment.  Stan also had amazing patience in dealing with agents form other agencies.  In the end -Stan found a pocket listing that was perfect.”   John and Aline Slattery

"To say that Stan went above and beyond for us would be a serious understatement-He truly did everything in his power and more to get us the house of our dreams.  I know Stan's professionalism in communicating with the seller, along with his years of experience in the field convinced the seller to go with us, even when he had a cash offer on the table.  I never hesitated to contact Stan with questions or concerns-He never made me feel like a bother and always showed enthusiasm for our search.  I know I can still text Stan for anything, even now that we're all moved in.  I will always recommend Huff because of Stan the man." Ozzy Olivo and Shelby Becker

"Providing advice on staging, pulling comps to keep with pricing, connecting with professionals to treat water damage and mold in basement and providing good advice on how to proceed.  Ensuring we had proper documentation for the trust. Being available to help us nights, weekends, and even vacation.  Sold our house within hours of listing.  Stan has been a great partner on both the buying and selling side.  We appreciate everything he has done to make this move as smooth as possible.  We would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a realtor.  Thank you, Stan!" Mark and Beth DuBois